Wednesday, April 11


Have recently discovered my love of making popcorn the real home made way. I think my brother was a little bit shocked to find out that popcorn didn't always come in a microwave paper bag. The fun of being able to add your own flavours and watching it pop before your eyes definitely outweighs the uncertainty of when its ready and whether or not its burning on the bottom. My favourite 'Tex-mex' popcorn is made by adding a teaspoon crushed garlic and 1/2 teaspoon chilli to a decent amount of olive oil and a scoop butter. Once these have melted and started sizzling I add the popcorn kernels, a dash of paprika and a bigger dash of cumin. Then a little bit of patience.... 
The trick is to constantly keep the pot moving as the popcorn pops.  
Once the pops are about 3-4 seconds apart its time to take off the lid and quickly pour the popcorn into a bowl. I add a little more of the spices here, but adjust to your own tastes!

Sounds easy enough but this recipe definitely took me longer to perfect than any others! Best of luck and enjoy. xx