Monday, April 23

Delicious Dal Tadka!

Literally had nothing to eat for breakfast this morning.. I've been away for the weekend and haven't had a chance to buy any food. Thankfully I was not to starve as my lovely flatmate Soph bought me a packet of Yellow Split Peas last week. Might not sound so exciting to you. but trust me this girl knows how to make my day! So with an empty stomach but full of anticipation I set out to make some delicious Traditional Indian Dal Tadka for Breakfast. Next week I plan on trying Pho, a traditional Vietnamese breakfast. I must admit I wasn't overly eager to have something so un-breakfasty for breakfast, but once the smells of coriander and ginger wafted through the kitchen I was dying to eat it! There's not much to this recipe. I added some sliced Courgette as that was the only other food I had left over, and it tasted fine but went a little to soft. Perhaps it would work better to stir some veges through near the end rather than at the beginning? I don't know that this recipe is for everyone - my partner is not a fan - but I love it and I think it would make a great accompaniment to any Indian meal!

In a large pot stirfry 2 Cloves Garlic and 2 tsp Grated Ginger in a little Olive Oil. Saute 1 Chopped Onion and cook until brown. Pour in 1 Cup Yellow Split Peas and 2 Cups Vegetable Stock. Add an extra 1/2 Cup Water. Simmer for 40minutes or until Water has gone and Peas are soft. Stir in cooked Vegetables of your choice if you prefer and 1 Tablespoon of Freshly Chopped Coriander. Enjoy!