Wednesday, March 21

Universal Comfort Foods...

This week the weather here has been a bit atrocious. We have gone from gorgeous sunny days to heavy wind, rain, thunderstorms and power outages. Comfort foods are perfect in times like these. I love my hot spicy foods in both good and bad weather and could eat Mexican and Indian foods all week - last week I went through a whole pack of Cumin spice! But for the sake of experimenting and getting a bit of variety I have tried to put in some more universal flavours. We travel from the Mediterranean to France, with a little taste of Thailand, Morocco and Italy, then finish up with an Asian inspired stir-fry. This menu plan has a bunch of yummy warm (and still a bit spicy) comfort foods that will help keep you warm and provide a perfect excuse to stay inside and snuggle up. Enjoy! xx

Week 2 - Universal Comfort Foods