Friday, March 16

Another delicious breakfast smoothie!

This morning I felt like something a bit sweeter than the old green powder so I decided to make a new and exciting super smoothie. This smoothie contains both Chia seeds (just 28g of dried chia seeds contain 4g protein and 42% (11g) of our daily values of dietary fiber) and omega rich Flax Seeds ( which promotes healthy hair, nails and skin, as well as increasing brain and cardiovascular function!).

My yummy ingredients... 
4 strawberries (handpicked out of my frozen mixed berries)
Half a banana
1 Tablespoon of flax and chia seeds
1 Passionfruit (picked off my passionfruit vine!)
Half a glass of cold water...
Blend and serve! 

PS - Loving the gorgeous weather we are having here in Mount Maunganui! xx