Tuesday, March 27

Malaysian Seafood Laksa

I have been keen to try this recipe for a while now, but its a bit more complicated than my usual week night dinner! I made it just for myself as I like to try more difficult recipes before I share with friends! Thank goodness I did because, in using dried chillies instead of fresh chillies for the first time, I accidentally added 4x too much! The heat was insane! I was crying and sweating and coughing but the flavour was so good that I had to persist! Cant wait to try this again, using the right amount of chillies this time. :)
The recipe below is of moderate intensity so adjust the amount of chilli according to taste - but trust me 15 chillies is far too much!!

Laksa Spice Paste
Blend or grind in a mortar & Pestle;
1 T Good Quality Curry Powder (I use Mrs Rogers Eco Pack Spice)
3 Chillies, or 1 t Chilli Powder
1 T Chopped Coriander Stalks
1 Stalk Spring Onion
Set to side for now.

The Seafood
Steam or boil Mussels
Chop Fish (any meaty white fish)
Place in bowl, add prawns

This is the seafood I used but you
can add any fish or meat you like!

Add 100 mLs Coconut Cream to a deep frying pan. Boil until thick and sticking on bottom of pan.
Add Curry Paste and 1 T Soy Sauce or Tamari
Mix in the seafood, chopped onion and capsicum.
Add 2 Cups of Chicken Stock and a dash of Fish Sauce.
Simmer for 5-10mins - until meat is cooked through.

Serve into bowls and add some Mung Bean Sprouts and Chopped Coriander. Yum!