Thursday, March 15

Cant't stop eating these Rice Paper Rolls!

A little bit addicted to Rice Paper Rolls! They are super easy to make, you can put almost anything in them and they are perfect for lunches! Today I made some with smoked salmon and some with tuna and added avocado and thinly sliced carrot. Its just like super cheap an easy sushi. Rice paper is around $2.50 from either your supermarket or Asian food store and comes with about 10-15 sheets. Just soak the sheets in water for about 30seconds then carefully lay out and put whatever ingredients you like in the centre. Fold in each side and roll up the middle. I find that they taste better after being chilled for an hour or so and are fricken delicious dipped in some Tamari! After 3 or 4 of these I'm usually pretty full but definitely struggle to stop eating them... Enjoy! xx