Thursday, March 15

Top 10 reasons to avoid processed foods... Part 1

1 - No more deciphering food label ingredients... does anyone know what any of that means? Where it came from? What it does to your body once it enters your system? How it ever found its way into our daily food intake? Gelatine made from ground cows hooves, Castoreum (used to flavour desserts, sweets and frozen dairy products) is derived from the anal glands of beavers. Awesome. I'm sure you've all heard the horror stories but you keep eating it because.. it taste good. Which leads us to reason # 2...

2 - You will stop craving processed foods! Once your body has eliminated all of the crap form your system you will find that your cravings for these foods will stop completely! Like smoking and caffeine, your body thinks you need it and is most likely craving more and more of these food because its not receiving enough of the nutrients that it really actually needs. Try it, I dare you.

3 - Reducing your carbon footprint! Yay for environmental friendly folks. Pretty much ALL of the processed foods you buy comes, not only in a ridiculous amount of packaging, but from a million miles away overseas. What is so wrong with the food we make right here in this country? In fact when was the last time you ate food that was locally produced? Or even better - from your own backyard? Buying your produce from markets means you are supporting your local farmers and butchers, reducing your carbon footprint and getting the freshest food available!

4 - You know what's happened to your food - The FDA allows up to 19 maggots and 74 mites in a can of mushrooms. The same stuff used to detect metals in airports is used to detect processed meats for wire, metal shards and needles. Factory farmed cows are feed road kill, euthanised animals and cheap plastic pellets.

5 - No hidden extras. The amount of sugar, salt, bad fats and gluten that are disguised in your processed foods leaves no room for all the incredible minerals, nutrients and live enzymes that our bodies need to operate at their best!