Friday, June 8

Quinoa Sushi Rolls.. x

 A few weeks ago we had a shared lunch for one of our class break-ups so I had to think of something amazingly healthy but tasty enough, and not to 'out there' so that everyone would try it. I'd heard someone mention Quinoa Sushi on a blog so decided to give it a go and they turned out fantastic! I actually found the rolls much easier to make than with normal rice and the sushi had a lovely nutty flavour to it. They are also a lot lighter than rice sushi so you might find yourself eating hoards of them!

  1. Cook Quinoa in a pot with 1:2 ratio of water. Add 1 Tablespoon White Vinegar or powdered Sushi Mix per cup Quinoa once cooked and allow to cool. 
  2. Chop up ingredients to put in sushi - my favourites are smoked salmon or smoked chicken & avocado, or egg, pineapple and carrot or tofu, cucumber and capsicum!
  3. Lay out Nori sheet on sushi mat. Spread Quinoa mix evenly over Nori leaving a 2 centimetre gap at one end. Lay ingredients in a thin line down the centre and use the mat to roll Nori over ingredients, tightly packing them in as you go. Roll towards the 2 centimetre gap and use a pastry brush to sweep a little water on the edge. Stick roll together and place in fridge to cool. 
  4. Once chilled, slice Sushi with a hot knife and place on a platter with Tamari, Wasabi and Ginger. Enjoy!