Sunday, May 27

Detoxing Menu Plan!

Well here it is... the long awaited and highly anticipated Week 3 menu plan! You all must have been starving waiting for this one.. haha. This week I am starting an exciting 6-week Detox! I've been a bit slack with my eating lately as I started working a lot lot more hours and the colder weather made me want to binge in a big, bad way!! So I am feeling seriously crappy and can't believe how different I actually feel and look! My energy levels, skin, hair and bloating have taken a massive downwards turn so a 6-week detox is just what we need! This is a fairly strict eating plan. I will be eating only whole foods and no wheat, gluten, dairy, meat or processed foods. I'm also being brave and cutting out all alcohol and coffee for the detox, starting Bikram Yoga and creating ultimate Zen life. Woohoo!! Cant wait to start and cant wait to see how I feel at the end of it! It would be amazing if anyone wants to join me on this journey so please keep me posted and challenge yourself! xx

Week 3 - Detox Time!